Affirmations and The 7-Day Workout Challenge

A statement said with confidence about a perceived truth is an affirmation. In The 7-Day Workout Challenge, each workout has it’s own positive affirmation. My hope is that these affirmations enhance your week – so you not only feel physically inspired, you’re also emotionally on the up and up too. 

For example, the Day 1 workout, Feel Good Fusion, has the affirmation, “I deserve to feel good”. Seemingly so simple, but this statement has the ability to program your mind into believing/knowing you deserve to feel good. (And remember: you get what you think you deserve.)

There are both positive and negative affirmations. You might recall as a child being told by someone that you are bad at math, or that you are klutzy. These dangerous affirmations sometimes stay with us unconsciously, and become fact later in life. Words have power. Be sure to attach yourself to the positive ones.

The affirmations in the 7-Day Workout Challenge are wellness related. Please say them out loud with me while you are working out. Feel free to write them down too and say them before you go to bed. It’s really effective to say them while looking at yourself in the mirror.

It’s important to keep in mind that the reason you are working out is to make your life great. Affirmations put you on the express path to that greatness. 

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