Amazing Grace

What the yoga world calls yin and yang, I refer to as grace and gusto. Grace is the ease, the extension, the spirit. Gusto is the hardwork, the squeeze, the material. Both are vital for feeling good and for a great physique. Without the grace, the gusto causes fatigue, injury and mental strife. Without the gusto, the grace leads to mental and physical stagnation.


However, most of what our culture defines as a “real” workout is grace-less. The more gusto, the better the workout, right? This mentality has become mainstream, emerging right around the time the US went to war in Iraq and Afghanistan (coincidence?).  The belief is that the grace component is reserved for the injured and out-of-shape, and if you want real results, extreme measures should be taken. Well, let me tell you something – this is complete hooey. You will be injured and out-of-shape if you don’t start getting your grace on! In fact, the only way you’ll get lasting results is by incorporating grace.

Grace comes in two ways: 1. it can be compartmentalized. For instance, you can lift heavy weights and do those burpees (gusto), and then serenely hold a stretch, focusing on your breath (grace). Grace and gusto can also be tossed together like a salad, as in Grace & Gusto and all my videos, where the stretch and the strength - the ease and the effort - are done simultaneously all workout long. Yoga, Pilates, Barre, Ballet and other Mind/Body fitness methods worship this balance between grace and gusto. Very intense classes and beginner classes alike strike the balance.

Together, let’s debunk the "no pain, no gain" myth and make a new mainstream mentality - grace doesn't equate to wimpy. Actually, grace equates to intelligence!