BE HERE NOW (And Don't Be A Zombie!)

Being grounded means that you're connected to the earth beneath you, and present in your body. This allows you to feel centered and balanced no matter what's going on, be it stressful or blissful. The spiritual teacher, Ram Das, summed it up perfectly with his catch phrase, “Be here now”.  Yet look around - nobody is here now. Everyone is out of body and outta here. We’re glued to our cellphones, or overmedicated, or wearing six-inch stilettos that make it impossible for us to claim our turf. This lack of grounding has zombie-fied our society. We are so informed but so unalive and unaware to the present.

So here are some symptoms of ungroundedness:

  • insomnia (or trouble sleeping)
  • ADD (or an inability to sustain focus)
  • binge eating (or reactive eating)
  • anxious, un-settled behavior (and ultimately panic attacks)
  • feeling frazzled (and rushed)

Pharmaceutical companies are making a fortune on our UNgroundedness but yoga is actually the best medicine. Yoga is the cure. You just have to do it everyday.  

So take off your shoes, silence your phone, and get on your mat. Layer in breath-work, mindful movement and meditation, and in as little as 20minutes, you’ll be here now.  It’s so simple - with no negative side effects - and yet so impactful. Getting grounded is a primary goal in my kind of fitness, and it’s “step one” to authentic health and happiness. I really feel that being grounded is a prerequisite to all success.(Plus, the world does not need anymore zombies, so come on, let's get grounded!)