Be A Naturalist

Go outside. Breathe fresh air. Walk barefoot. Swim in the ocean. Watch the sunset. Pick berries. Play with your dog...connecting with nature is good for your soul and your nervous system. I say, the more natural, the better. The healthiest, most vibrant people I know are naturalist.
And you know, one of the least natural things is air conditioning. Avoid it if you can, minimize it if you must use it and try to workout without it. First, it’s important that you sweat and a/c often prevents perspiration. Secondly (and less obviously) breathing in air-conditioned air is breathing in “artificial air”. Its molecular structure has been compromised. This won’t kill you, but it’s unnatural and energetically it feels bad. Many gyms and workout facilities are blasting air-conditioning and literally freezing cold in the summer – that’s not healthy and it's so far from natural.
I’ve been anti-air-conditioning for a long time and I’ve always gotten a lot of push back. People love to be comfortable and people hate to be hot and sweaty, but remember when you were growing up? Nobody had a/c and we all survived just fine.
And to my friends in Arizona, Nevada and other parts of the world with dangerous extreme heat – you may truly need a/c right now, but figure out a way to exercise in natural air. That might mean exercising when the sun goes down.