Inspiration From Ellen

Kick Off Your Summer With Movement & Meditation

There were many moments during our glacial winter of 2015 when I thought summer would never come, but alas, it’s here: Summer Solstice, the longest, most light-filled day of the year is upon us. We made it. Again. was a tough one, which makes it that much more important to go big. This is no time to just sit around, a movement extravaganza is in order!

30 Is The New 45

You’re busy. I’m busy. We’re all busy, busy, busy! Time seems to be an issue these days, especially for women. At the end of the day, many of you may lie in bed recapping the day in your mind, and think, “Geez, I didn’t get half the things I needed to get done today”.  (Pretty much every night for me….)

War and Peace

War is defined as a state of conflict. It’s synonymous with hate, separation and struggle. When there is war between nations, we consider it a horrible situation and we count our blessings that that war is not taking place on our turf, yet everyday, millions of us perpetuate a war inside ourselves in our workouts.


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