Inspiration From Ellen

Lessons From The Biggest Loser

The Biggest Loser is “what not to do” when it comes to true wellness. Of course the show is made for TV and the producers are casting and editing for high drama. And, I know it’s a huge hit – millions of you tune in religiously week after week and are inspired by it. Well, for me, The Biggest Loser is a hot mess!

A Jam For The Ladies

The bad news: a whooping 85 percent of American women experience PMS. The good news: diet, exercise and lifestyle can erradicate it completely. most of us do not know this. Instead, you think you must live with it, suffering month after month.

Be On Time!

I’m just going to come out and say it: get to class on time. Every workout has a beginning, a middle, and an end. When you miss a section, or part of a section, it is incomplete. A class is a whole thing. It isn’t meant to be sliced and diced. (This translate to video too – don’t fast forward passed the warm-up.)

Slim Down Once and For All!!

It's time to take back your life and stop fretting over every morsel you eat. Most women in American today are either guilt-ridden ("I'm overweight because I can't control my appetite") or tortured ("daily spin class before the crack of dawn, salads for lunch and dinner, no dessert ever - no time for boyfriends or fun"). Which one are you?

Your Body Is Always Telling You Something – Listen

Whatever season is outside, is inside too. My body is officially in autumn mode, as well it should - it’s September 30th in Connecticut. During the day, I feel a quickening in my gait. Fall is an industrious time – a last burst before winter – just look at all of those type-A squirrels. Yet, while the daytime is all bustle, I’m turning in earlier in the evening.

Beware "The Crutch"

Today, my workout gear was jeans, trail shoes, and a sweater. There was no Lulu Lemon in sight. I didn’t use a yoga mat or a hand weight or a treadmill. I just walked out into the overcast morning with my dog and put one foot in front of the other.


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