Inspiration From Ellen

Be On Time!

I’m just going to come out and say it: get to class on time. Every workout has a beginning, a middle, and an end. When you miss a section, or part of a section, it is incomplete. A class is a whole thing. It isn’t meant to be sliced and diced. (This translate to video too – don’t fast forward passed the warm-up.)

Slim Down Once and For All!!

It's time to take back your life and stop fretting over every morsel you eat. Most women in American today are either guilt-ridden ("I'm overweight because I can't control my appetite") or tortured ("daily spin class before the crack of dawn, salads for lunch and dinner, no dessert ever - no time for boyfriends or fun"). Which one are you?

Your Body Is Always Telling You Something – Listen

Whatever season is outside, is inside too. My body is officially in autumn mode, as well it should - it’s September 30th in Connecticut. During the day, I feel a quickening in my gait. Fall is an industrious time – a last burst before winter – just look at all of those type-A squirrels. Yet, while the daytime is all bustle, I’m turning in earlier in the evening.

Beware "The Crutch"

Today, my workout gear was jeans, trail shoes, and a sweater. There was no Lulu Lemon in sight. I didn’t use a yoga mat or a hand weight or a treadmill. I just walked out into the overcast morning with my dog and put one foot in front of the other.

You Always Hold The Key!


For my 16th birthday I asked my Mom for Gloria Steinem’s “Revolution From Within”. I still have that book, complete with faded highlighter marks and notes doodled in the margins by my bubbly teenager self. The take-away was Be your own hero.

Suggested Workout Rotation

There are six “The Studio by Ellen Barrett” workout videos and five “Ellen Barrett Live” workout videos - 11 in all - that can 
be used on a weekly basis in rotation. Here are my recommendations as to how to incorporate them into your life. As always, I encourage you to be “intuitive”
 with your workouts and allow your own body to lead the way.

Skinny is a Compliment


I’m a girl’s girl and I love feminine vernacular. Instead of nice, I’ll say something like “super cute” and instead of “pink” I will be more specific and use words like “fuchsia” or “magenta”. Instead of “lean”, I prefer “skinny”. I’m actually very attached to the word skinny. To me, it’s non-clinical, happy and fun.


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