Inspiration From Ellen

Thinking "Movement"

Lately, I find myself replacing the term "workout" with the term "movement". Movement feels good, and it has an energy that resonates with what I do. I recently saw a recording of one of my classes, and I started it off by cheerfully saying,  "Let's move!"  Yeah, I thought, THAT sounds like fun, and not like a chore.

What I Do On Snow Days

For the past 12 years, I’ve lived in Connecticut, so I have had my share of snow days. You might be surprised to learn that I don’t feel pressure to workout on these days. I do feel badly about cancelling classes or rescheduling work, and I really hate when my son’s school is called off (!), but I respect Mother Nature so much, that what She says goes.

Holy Silence

Using the term Holy Silence instead of “meditation” has helped me look at meditation from a more spiritual angle, and that has made a difference. I’m meditating more often, for longer periods of time and doing it more willingly. It has helped me manage my anxiety and stress and has helped me be better focused.

BE HERE NOW (And Don't Be A Zombie!)

Being grounded means that you're connected to the earth beneath you, and present in your body. This allows you to feel centered and balanced no matter what's going on, be it stressful or blissful. The spiritual teacher, Ram Das, summed it up perfectly with his catch phrase, “Be here now”.  Yet look around - nobody is here now. Everyone is out of body and outta here.

Be A Naturalist

Go outside. Breathe fresh air. Walk barefoot. Swim in the ocean. Watch the sunset. Pick berries. Play with your dog...connecting with nature is good for your soul and your nervous system. I say, the more natural, the better. The healthiest, most vibrant people I know are naturalist.


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