Inspiration From Ellen

My Dog Was Hit By A Car….And I Was Hit With a Revelation

The gate was open. A bunny hopped by. Roxy’s instincts took over as she darted after the rabbit, into the street. Simultaneously, a red pickup was moving through. Boom. Little Roxy squelched. The truck screeched. I went into emergency mode. I scooped up my dog, bloodied and limp, and ran her into my house. It was afterhours and the vet was closed.

Peaceful Kitchen, Peaceful Eating

I have lived through three kitchen renovations! (I’ve moved quite a bit as an adult.) My first grown-up kitchen had two sinks, a wine refrigerator and a rotisserie oven (with buttons and settings I never understood!). The second kitchen was 500 square feet with a walk-in pantry and an island bigger than most New York City apartments.

Success Stories That Inspire

Thanks for writing in and sending us your success stories. I am so grateful for your feedback! The three themes that reoccur again and again in these stories are: 1. movement is medicine, 2. the mind and body are really one thing and 3. health is dynamix - it ebbs and flows just like everything else in life, so keep going wherever you are in your wellness journey.

How To Have A Happy Healthy Winter

Winter is not summer, and in order to stay really well (and not just so-so), you and I need to adjust to this darker, colder season in a few more ways aside from our outfits. The lack of light and the drop in temperature play on our energy, but this doesn’t have to equate to horribly low-energy, depression or sloth-like inactivity.

How To Get a Sexy....Nervous System?

Is your right shoulder higher than your left? Is your abdominal weaker than your lower back? Is your head jutting out in front of your chest? I don’t nitpick about much, but I do harp on symmetry, because symmetry supports an even flow of energy throughout your nervous system, and in today’s stress-inducing world, we need our nervous systems to be in tiptop shape.


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