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Success Stories That Inspire

Thanks for writing in and sending us your success stories. I am so grateful for your feedback! The three themes that reoccur again and again in these stories are: 1. movement is medicine, 2. the mind and body are really one thing and 3. health is dynamix - it ebbs and flows just like everything else in life, so keep going wherever you are in your wellness journey.

How To Have A Happy Healthy Winter

Winter is not summer, and in order to stay really well (and not just so-so), you and I need to adjust to this darker, colder season in a few more ways aside from our outfits. The lack of light and the drop in temperature play on our energy, but this doesn’t have to equate to horribly low-energy, depression or sloth-like inactivity.

How To Get a Sexy....Nervous System?

Is your right shoulder higher than your left? Is your abdominal weaker than your lower back? Is your head jutting out in front of your chest? I don’t nitpick about much, but I do harp on symmetry, because symmetry supports an even flow of energy throughout your nervous system, and in today’s stress-inducing world, we need our nervous systems to be in tiptop shape.

Are You a Yogini?

Ballet knows it. Pilates knows it. Yoga knows it. Certainly every martial art knows it. What do these genius methods know? They know that everything in the universe consists of two forces that are opposing but complementary.
Yin is:

  • Feminine
  • Stillness
  • Intuitive (feeling)
  • Soft

Yang is:


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