Inspiration From Ellen

War and Peace

War is defined as a state of conflict. It’s synonymous with hate, separation and struggle. When there is war between nations, we consider it a horrible situation and we count our blessings that that war is not taking place on our turf, yet everyday, millions of us perpetuate a war inside ourselves in our workouts.

Try Your Best & Forget The Rest

You may think fit pros are perfect, that we eat salad and go to bed at 8. You may think we just can’t wait to workout and never have lazy days. As I type this, I am eating left over pizza and my desk is littered with old coffee cups. Plus, it’s 10am, not a workout in sight!

Injuries Keep You Humble

I pulled my calf muscle while running and I know exactly what happened: I got cocky. First, I drank wine the evening before (into the wee hours of the night!), then sipped coffee in the 30 minutes preceding the run, so I was dehydrated from the get-go.

Why Do You Workout?

I’m a noticer. I notice the not-so-obvious things about people, places and things, like how my dog, when sniffing, wiggles her nose like Samantha in Bewitched, or how in my new little hometown, there are quartz rocks mixed into 200 year old stonewalls.

Your Home Says A Lot About You

You and I know that moving is a drag. The sorting, packing and lugging is not on the top of our “favorite things to do” list, that’s for sure.  However, moving forces us to de-clutter. To organize. To take stock of what we really value. To cut loose the things that no longer serve us. Moving literally and figuratively lightens our load.

Happy Summer Solstice!

Here I am, on the beach with my sister, soaking up the sun. The sun! The glorious sun! The sun is Mother Earth's primary life source, and right now (in our hemisphere) we have an abundance of it. Celebration is in order, don't you think?


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