Inspiration From Ellen

Wellness Ambition

I had a major epiphany today about wellness ambition, the desire to win at being healthy, and feeling and looking good. I always knew that deep inside everyone wants to be well (of course!), but on my walk in the woods with Roxy, I happened upon an overweight teenaged girl with more wellness ambition than I’ve ever sensed before.


Quotes That Inspire

You never know when your world is going to be rocked by words. I’m constantly finding inspiring elements in words, underlining sentences and marking passages with big stars and hearts in the margins. Every book - even fiction - I read with a highlighter in hand. Inspiration is everywhere…menus, t-shirts, any billboard within my vision line, shampoo bottles, etc.

Winter Tension

In yoga class recently the teacher used a brilliant term: winter tension. I immediately identified with it and thought, “That’s what I have”, tension that is caused by winter and everything that comes with it. There is no doubt that cold weather creates tension in the body. Cold=tension! I mean, even just imagining the cold, we tighten up and clench physically.

Amazing Grace

What the yoga world calls yin and yang, I refer to as grace and gusto. Grace is the ease, the extension, the spirit. Gusto is the hardwork, the squeeze, the material. Both are vital for feeling good and for a great physique. Without the grace, the gusto causes fatigue, injury and mental strife. Without the gusto, the grace leads to mental and physical stagnation.



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