Inspiration From Ellen

You Always Hold The Key!


For my 16th birthday I asked my Mom for Gloria Steinem’s “Revolution From Within”. I still have that book, complete with faded highlighter marks and notes doodled in the margins by my bubbly teenager self. The take-away was Be your own hero.

Suggested Workout Rotation

There are six “The Studio by Ellen Barrett” workout videos and five “Ellen Barrett Live” workout videos - 11 in all - that can 
be used on a weekly basis in rotation. Here are my recommendations as to how to incorporate them into your life. As always, I encourage you to be “intuitive”
 with your workouts and allow your own body to lead the way.

Skinny is a Compliment


I’m a girl’s girl and I love feminine vernacular. Instead of nice, I’ll say something like “super cute” and instead of “pink” I will be more specific and use words like “fuchsia” or “magenta”. Instead of “lean”, I prefer “skinny”. I’m actually very attached to the word skinny. To me, it’s non-clinical, happy and fun.

Counting Calories Doesn't Work

Counting calories is not the way to long-term weight release or weight management. The word calorie is too vague. Our food has been de-mineralized through its soil, genetically modified through science, overly processed, and ultra-pasteurized. Because of this, calories from a cup of microwaved soup are very different from calories from a freshly picked apple.

Here’s What I Really Think About Weight Loss

In the 50’s people were fat because they ate too much. Today, people are fat because the food industry has screwed with our bodies and our minds. The high fructose corn syrup, genetically modified ingredients, pesticides and factory farming coupled with shrewd marketing strategies have ruined our food supply and in turn clogged our digestive systems and fogged our minds.


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