EllenBTV: Videos Now Have 90 Day Access

EllenBTV is an online workout tool. Starting today, each EllenBTV video is available for $5.99 for 3 months (90 days) access. We've found that 3 months is a good duration for online-based subscriptions and for customers to remember passwords, etc. EllenBTV can be accessed from any computer, tablet and iPhone as long as internet connection is established. Here are the usage directions:
STEP ONE: go to ellenbtv.com and click LOGIN at the top of the page
STEP TWO: Enter your username and password and then on the following page, your purchased titles will appear under "video".
STEP THREE: Click directly on the title image and your video will begin.
Now, a quick note about a new development, another online get-fit-stay-fit tool - trainerpass.com. It's a well designed site that has a huge team of tech support, with lots of interactive potential. I couldn't be more thrilled to be apart of it, honestly. I will be adding new content to trainerpass.com in 2016 and working with their team to create an inspiring online presence. A big part of me is relieved and grateful to have the tech, marketing and content support.
I want to thank you for working out with me in person, via DVD and/or online. (After all these years and all of the changes in the fit biz and the world, I'm still simply Ellen, the workout creator  xo Ellen