Holy Silence

Using the term Holy Silence instead of “meditation” has helped me look at meditation from a more spiritual angle, and that has made a difference. I’m meditating more often, for longer periods of time and doing it more willingly. It has helped me manage my anxiety and stress and has helped me be better focused. A Holy Silence is what meditation truly is - a sacred moment of quiet - and it's what everyone needs today. Like the Zen saying goes, "You should sit and meditate for 20minutes a day, unless you don't have time, then sit for an hour."

So here are my top tips regarding meditation: 1. Start thinking of it as a spiritual practice, 2. Instead of “doing it” try “gifting it to yourself”, and 3. Know that meditation absolutely makes you physically fitter - here's how: movement and meditation go hand-in-hand just like the body and the mind go hand-in-hand. Self-sabotaging behavior, like over-eating and negative thinking, is the result of a mind/body disconnect. That disconnect is completely OPTIONAL folks! You can always be united in mind and body. All you need is some Holy Silence.