I’ll Have Some Poise With That Workout, Please….

What is poise? The dictionary says it’s a “graceful and elegant bearing in a person” or “a dignified, self-confident manner of being”. I’m always drawn to people with poise and I really love that it defies age, gender, body type and more. Poise is so subtle, yet it’s what makes someone truly attractive.

Your workout can give you poise. Right now, you may feel un-confident, ungraceful and have zero body/mind awareness, but within a few focused sessions of high quality movement and breathing, poise can be upon you. I’ve seen it in others, and I’ve seen it in myself.

The first step is awareness. Tune into yourself and start learning yourself. Meditation is great for this, but your workout should be a moving meditation. Instead of zoning out, zone in. Energy flows where attention goes!

Once you’ve got awareness, the second step is connectionliterally unite your mind, body and spirit. Yoga, Pilates, dance, and other mind/body modalities are very good at getting us to inhabit our bodies and to be present in the moment. These types of workouts are also the BEST at reinforcing stellar posture and alignment, two very obvious attributes of poise.

After you’ve conquered steps one and two, the third and final step is ease. (Yes, ease. Doesn’t seem like that big of a deal but look around – NOBODY HAS EASE!!) So yes, tension-free, fluid movements and soft joints that feel good are byproducts of a workout done right. Ease is so underrated, but I’ll tell you a secret – it’s the fountain of youth and it’s what I call “moving young”. You can be an old man at 40 or you can be a spry youngin’ at 80 if you allow for ease.

Awareness + connection + ease = POISE....that's the formula. Use it! Be it! Now you have another reason for working out - poise.