The Importance of Weekly Classes

Home exercising is awesome and the many at-home workout "tools" today (like DVDs and Trainerpass) are powerful, however, getting to an actual class is awesome too - I suggest you give it a try! I've taught weekly classses since the age of 18, but there was a two-year span, after I sold my own studio in 2008, where I didn't teach anything regular. I taught workshops and random classes, but nothing weekly. I realize now that that window of time was a low point for me physically and socially.

Not "checking into" regular classes isolated me as an instructor and as an exercisers. By losing a local workout community, I lost motivation. I didn't get to connect with my fellow movers and see their progress, tap into their needs or feel that group energy. Other people energize and inspire us, so I say this to instructors and students alike - find some local weekly classes and become a regular. Even just one will do! Going to a weekly class anchors your fitness routine and engages you in mind/body/spirit.