Lessons From The Biggest Loser

The Biggest Loser is “what not to do” when it comes to true wellness. Of course the show is made for TV and the producers are casting and editing for high drama. And, I know it’s a huge hit – millions of you tune in religiously week after week and are inspired by it. Well, for me, The Biggest Loser is a hot mess! My health and fitness philosophies clash drastically from the show’s modus operandi.

First, you should workout because you love yourself, not because you hate yourself. Most of the contestants on The Biggest Loser are wallowing in self-hatred. They are disgusted with themselves for getting so out of shape and are looking at exercise as a spanking of sorts. Your workout should feel like a hug! Which brings me to the next lesson….

Second, intensity level must always match ability level. When intensity is higher than one’s ability, exercise is poison, moving you away from -instead of towards - true health. For example, I’m an intermediate knitter. I’m slowly taking on “high intermediate” projects with guidance from teachers, but I’m not knitting “advanced” stuff. I say no to those patterns right now. Someday, I will tackle them, but my ability is firmly intermediate at the moment and if I were to embark on an advanced pattern, I could easily be 1. turned off to knitting forever or 2. flat-out miserable while knitting and then, what’s the point?!?! The Biggest Loser contestants, in Week One, should not be sprinting. They should be walking (in fresh air, with bird’s chirping).  J

Third, eating shouldn’t be cerebral; it should be sensual. Spend time with toddlers. They eat what they want and have no judgment. Oh, apple slices? YUM! They aren’t thinking, oh I need fiber and vitamin A so I should eat these. You and I are overeducated about food and this excessive knowledge has stopped us from intrinsically eating (and enjoying) from a craving standpoint. Feel your body to find out what it wants and needs. Measuring calories, dissecting food into protein, fat and carbs, and eating what we are “supposed” to be eating doesn’t seem to be working. Cravings are your body’s way of communicating.

Last but not least, obesity is just a byproduct of mind/body/spirit disconnection OR a symptom of spiritual drought. Most of the time, The Biggest Loser is treating the byproduct like it’s the cause. This is like mowing the weeds in your yard and expecting them to die. As the daughter of a man who was obsessed with his lawn, I know that you have to deal with the roots if you want to eradicate the weeds!

For the record, the goal of this blog post isn’t to dissuade you from watching The Biggest Loser. The goal of this blog post is use something very mainstream as a reference point for greater consciousness. It always comes back to awareness. Mind to body to spirit. Sync it up, sync it up, sync it up! The world is your oyster!