My Dog Was Hit By A Car….And I Was Hit With a Revelation

The gate was open. A bunny hopped by. Roxy’s instincts took over as she darted after the rabbit, into the street. Simultaneously, a red pickup was moving through. Boom. Little Roxy squelched. The truck screeched. I went into emergency mode. I scooped up my dog, bloodied and limp, and ran her into my house. It was afterhours and the vet was closed. I paged the number on the answer machine, gathered Roxy again in my arms and sped to the animal clinic. Bad lacerations. Severe road rash. Trauma to hip…but little Roxy was going to live to see another day.

Roxy is still recovering from this incident and it has demonstrated something really important: one must be strong when others cannot be. Strong in body of course, but also strong emotionally and mentally. Your fitness regime makes or breaks this potential for you - it should be training you not just for good looks but also for whole person strength when needed. In today’s mad mad world, you need to be whole person strong. The days of shallow workouts are over.

Mind/body modalities, like yoga, Pilates and martial arts, are devoted to three things: 1. Breathing, 2. Integration and 3. In the moment-ness. When Roxy was in distress, my breath kept me calm, my muscles and movements joined forces, and I stayed present. My mother didn’t teach me these skills. My college didn’t teach me these skills. Lord knows my government didn’t teach me these skills! My workouts did. Yours should do the same.

Roxy In Recovery