Not Letting The World Get You Down

I suddenly began to exclusively listen to classical music in my car. My husband thought it was weird. I said, it helps me. He said, helps you what? I said, it helps me not go crazy.

The world, it seems, is spiraling out of control. There’s a lot of stress in the air. I feel it everywhere - at my son’s school, at my yoga studio, and even at my local coffee shop. People are tense, and there’s worrisome news every single day. I started the year off with a “news detox” – I turned off the push notifications on my phone and stopped watching all news shows. I can’t, however, stop the news from happening and sooner or later, it does gets into my brain. Very few of us can truly escape it. We can, however, diffuse it.

We can meditate. I think we are all collectively craving more meditative experiences, like a mind/body movement class, a quiet walk in the woods, more solitude at home or classical music while driving. The intelligence of your body is at work here. It’s telling you to give your own nervous system some TLC. It's telling you to manage stress. As my brother the doctor says, "Nervous disorders are very avoidable". Meditation is free, simple and you can do it right now and anywhere.
Step One: Sit on the floor.
Step Two: Light a candle. (This is optional of course, but it’s my secret ingredient to successful meditating at home.)
Step Three: Breathe.
Step Four: Watch your thoughts come and go (without judgment).
Step Five: Stay there for 5 minutes (or more).

Or you can listen to classical music.. You and I can be calm, grounded and centered, in spite of the world's trajectory.