Workout & Chillout With Me At Kripalu

Yogini Workshop is for women at all levels of fitness; no yoga, Pilates, or meditation experience required. Raise your vibration, reduce your anxiety, and empower yourself with two of the greatest self-help tools - movement and meditation. Each session of this dynamic porgram belnds workout, lecture and meditation, inviting you to:

  • Calm down with restorative yoga

  • Ground yourself with a barefoot workout combining yoga and ballet

  • Find your center with seated meditation, breath of fire, and core-centric work that fuses Pilates and vinyasa

  • Soften your heart with guided meditation, front-body extension (heart opening), and an up-tempo dance incorporating standing Pilates and Anusara Yoga.

For more info or to register, click here or call 866.200.5203.